Aadhar card download

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Methods and several ways for Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Aadhar card can be downloaded in several ways and methods. The process of Download Aadhar Card in pdf is quite simple and after reading this article you will be able to download an aadhaar card quite easily and in several ways.

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

In India, wherever you go, you will find the requirement of your Aadhaar card, people will ask you about your aadhar card even when you book a room in Hotel, booking a travel ticket by Train or plane, visiting offices, even when you take delivery of some important documents.

The government of India has shown remarkable professionalism as much as Download Aadhar Card in pdf or other Aadhar services are concerned and makes its access to ordinary Indians quite easy and made sure that once you enrolled, you will be able to download an Aadhar card with several methods and with very little details.

All over India Aadhar card has become the most important document for showing your identity and proof of residence and that’s why knowing all the methods and ways to Download Aadhar Card in pdf is very necessary and important.

There is no doubt that the Aadhar card has become so popular that in spite of some legal hurdles, it seems that the days are not far away when even ordinary people will start asking Aadhar card of another person to ascertain their identity. Even now you require to show your Aadhar card identity when you cross high-security areas in India.

There are several identity proofs but the process of getting an Aadhar card and its verification is so easy that everyone likes to judge your identity through your Aadhaar card which makes it essential that you must know all about the Aadhar card.

To make yourself and your family & friends safe and secure, it is very important that you are able to download an aadhaar card and also know the methods and technology by which you can verify the Aadhaar card within few minutes.

After knowing all about the technique of Download Aadhar Card in pdf you can also share this technology with Noneducted and many other people. This will give them immense help as Aadhaar is the most important documents to get the benefit of government welfare schemes and subsidies.

Even without an Aadhaar card, getting employment is quite difficult.

After doing a lot of research on the issue of Download Aadhar Card in pdf and the latest available methods to download UIDAI -Aadhar card I am going to summarise the details given below:

The contents which we are going to discuss in this interesting blog of Aadhar Card download is given below:

Take out some time to read it as after reading it you will be able to download Aadhar card within 02 minutes and will know much more interesting things about aadhaar which 99% of people do not know.

1. Download Aadhar Card in pdf with the help of Aadhar Number

Here, I would like to clarify that a physical copy of the Aadhaar card and a downloaded copy of an aadhaar card have the same value and are accepted everywhere, be it the Government department or private organization.

A downloaded copy of the Aadhar card is known as e-Aadhaar which is digitally signed by the Government of Indian Authority -UIDAI.

Let’s discuss how you can easily download an aadhar card in the following steps:

Step No 1

To download an Aadhar card with an aadhar number, you have to click below.

Click here

Once you click the above link you will reach the page – Download Aadhaar

you will see the below-shown form

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Note: whenever you try to download an Aadhar card, you will be given two options 1.) Regular Aadhar card or 2.) Masked Aadhar card

Regular Aadhar card is strongly recommended because, in a masked card, you will not be able to see all Aadhar card numbers which makes it useless when you require to submit an Aadhar card in any office or any other place where they require all 12 digits of Aadhar card.

Masked aadhar card is only for those people, who do not want to reveal aadhaar numbers to other people.

In general uses, you require a 12 digit regular Aadhar card and therefore do not check the box where it is written:” I want a masked Aadhaar. leave it blank“.

Step No. 2

This is a page form in which you have to fill up your Aadhar card number and check the box if you require a mask Aadhar card otherwise leave it unchecked.

Now fill up the captcha and click send OTP.

Aadhar card number is a 12 digits unique random number printed on your Aadhar card.

You will receive OTP on your registered mobile.

Aadhar OTP will be sent to your mobile number as an SMS.

Now Aadhaar authority has come with new technology where your Aadhar card can be downloaded and verified with the help of TOTP (time-based one-time password) instead of OTP.

The main difference between OTP and TOTP is that OTP is sent to your mobile number as SMS but TOTP can be generated on the screen of your mobile with the help of the mAadhaar App and you do not depend on SMS which can be delayed due to internet connection.

you will read the details about TOTP in the next part of this Article.

Step No. 3

Enter this OTP

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

To make the Download Aadhar Card in pdf process more easy and comfortable, the Aadhaar card authority may be asked some questions.

For getting services for Aadhar card, it is very important that you give your truthful feedback so that Aadhar card download becomes easy and accessible and if there are any shortcomings then these will reach the concerned officials.

Give answers to feedback questions if asked, and tick in an appropriate box. Feedback submitting is mandatory and you will not be able to download an aadhaar card without filling it. It will take just a few seconds or a maximum of one or two minutes.

Step No. 4

After filling up OTP, you can now download an E-aadhaar card.

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Download it and click open, enter the password which is the first 4 digits of your name and year of birth. In case your name is Lata kumari and date of birth is 09.08.1999 then your password to open the Aadhar PDF file will be LATA1999.

Click open pdf file and enter LATA1999 . Your Aadhar card will open.

2. Download Aadhar Card in pdf if you know the Enrolment number

In case you do not remember your aadhar card number, you can download Aadhar card with the help of your Enrolment Number

Step No. 1

Please click the below-mentioned link

visit and click here

Click here

Step No. 2

Now click on Download

once you click to download, one blank form will open.

See it carefully, you will find that top side of this form there are two options

Aadhaar Number and Enrolment ID ( EID )

Select ( Click ) Enrolment ID ( EID )

Step No. 3

 Aadhar Card Download

Now fill up your Enrolment number and Captcha verification code.

Note: In case, you want a Masked Aadhaar card, you can check Box ( Tick it / Click it ) – I want a masked Aadhaar card, otherwise leave it unchecked.

Step No. 4

Now click on Send OTP.

You will receive a one-time password ( OTP ) on your registered mobile.

Step No. 5

After receiving OTP on your phone, enter it in this form.

Now you will be able to download an Electronic, PDF Aadhaar card, protected by a password.

Regarding the Password, we have already discussed in the previous topic, Titled ” How to download Aadhar card with Aadhar Number”

3. Aadhar card Download through your Name, Date of Birth and mobile number

In case you have forgotten or lost your Aadhaar card Number and Enrolment ID number, you have to first retrieve your EID number, which is described in full detail in this article.

Step No. 1

To receive your Enrolment ID, you should click on


Now you will see, one blank form is opened in which you have to fill up some details.

Step No. 2

Click check box- Enrolment ID

Fill up your Full Name and Your Mobile Numer or Email Id

Enter Captcha verification code

Step No. 3

Click Send OTP

Step No. 4

Enter OTP

click Varify and Download

Now you will receive a downloaded Electronic copy of your Aadhar card. This copy will be in PDF format and password protected.

4. Download Aadhar Card in pdf if you know the virtual ID of aadhar card.

To download e aadhar card through Virtual ID of Aadhaar card, please click on the below-mentioned link :

Step 1

Visit or click the below link


Step 2

You will now reach a form in which you will find, there are 3 options are available.

select ( Click – I have virtual ID (VID)

Step 3

Now fill up a virtual ID and captcha code.

Step 4

Click send OTP

Enter a One-time password ( OTP)

step 6

Complete the process with click varify and download

5. Download Aadhar Card in pdf By Mobile app mAadhaar

To download your aadhaar card on the mAadhaar App, you have to first download the mAadhaar App

Let’s understand step-wise, how you can download mAdhaar App on your mobile phone.

mAahaar App

Stem No. 1

Go to your mobile phone s screen.

Go to play store, write mAadhaar card

 Download Aadhaar card


Step No. 2


Write mAadhaar, once it install , open the mAadhaar App


Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Step No. 3

select language

allow m-aadhaar to access photos media etc

click on I consent

Enter your registered mobile number

enter OTP

After entering OTP you will find several services

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Step No. 4

Click my Aadhaar

create 4 digit PIN, Remember this PIN which will be needed letter on. Better to write PIN somewher.

confirm 4 digit

Aadhaar Card Download

Click on download Aadhaar card

Next – click for regular aadhaar

Now you have to – click I have Aadhaar Number or Virtual ID ( VID) Numbers or Enrolment number

Enter security captcha

Fill up your Aadhaar Nuber

click request OTP


Click verify

Now your aadhar card will be downloaded.

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

6.Download Aadhar Card in pdf through Government App digilocker

Open google search

Click below link


Aadhaar Card Download with Digilocker

Now click on signup

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

Fill in the form Your Name, Your date of birth, gender, mobile number, password 6 digit PIN, Email Id, and your Aadhaar number. and then click on Submit.

Now as you are already signed up, go for sign in

Enter your Aadhaar number or Mobile number and 6 digit PIN

Now a new page will open

Aadhaar Card Download with digilocker

Go to Issued documents, You will find your Aadhaar card, click it and download.

7. Download Aadhar Card in pdf with the use of App UMANG

First of all, you have to go to the screen of your Mobile Phone

Go to Play Store

Search UNANG Apps

Click Open it

Now you can use your favorite language from many languages

Choose language and click the I agree on the box and then click next

you will see the new interface “ Welcome to UMANG

click register

Enter mobile number and check box I agree

click register

If it says already register then go directly to log in otherwise register it.

once registered, click login, it will ask for your mobile number and MPIN

Now you have two options to register Mobile Number + PIN number or Through OTP

Click through OTP

Enter your mobile number and click send OTP

You will receive OTP, just fill it and now click Digi locker and click signup

Aadhaar Card Download with Umang App

Enter your Aadhaar card number

varify your OTP numbers

Now allow the Umang app to provide multiple services and click

Search Digi locker in it and sign it

enter the aadhar card number, you will get OTP on registered Number

once sign in, now you can download documents

Now click the Aadhaar card under issued documents..

Aadhar card is now downloaded. You can now share it.

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

8. Getting Aahaar card without Registered Mobile Number

In case you are enrolled for Aadhaar card but your mobile number is not registered even in this situation you can get your Aadhhar card

For this, you have to visit


Enter Your Aadhaar Card number or Enrolment No. and security captcha

As you do not have a registered number so check the box. As soon as you will check the box, it will ask you for any Not registered mobile number

Enter your mobile number and click send OTP

Complete OTP verification

( In this method No preview of Aadhhar will be available)

Do payment which is about Rs.50/-. You can pay it through your Debit card or any other method.

Download the Aadhaar card payment receipt. You will also get Service request no. through SMS.

You will get a hard copy of the Aadhaar PVC card at your address.

9. Download masked Aadhar card

Download Aadhar Card in pdf

In case you want Masked Aadhar Card in which Aadhar number is hidden, you can get it easily with the following methods:

Visit and click the below link


Under download Electronic copy, please click on any one of 03 options

I have an Aadhar card number or Enrollment Id or Virtual ID

As per your choice please fill in Aadhar card number or Enrolment Id or Virtual ID

Check box which says I want a masked Aadhaar card

Enter Captcha code

Click send OTP

Varify OTP and now you can receive a masked E-Aadhaar card

Download it in a PDF file.

10. Answers for most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their clarifications regarding Download Aadhar Card .

Q 1. Is it necessary to have a mobile number registered for getting an Aadhar card?
Answer: No, Although you definitely require a mobile number registered for downloading an online aadhaar card you can still order an Aadhaar PVC card with your other Number, for which you have to pay Rs. 50/ through online payment and it can not be downloaded but delivered to your address.
Q 2. Can I get my Aadhaar PVC card at an address that is different from the registered address?
Answer: Due to security and privacy concerns, the Aadhaar PVC card only is delivered to a registered address.
Q 3. Is an online downloaded E-Aadhaar card and physical Aadhaar card is equally valid and acceptable?
Answer: There is absolutely no difference between an online downloaded Aadhar card or a physical copy of the Aadhar Card, In fact, a copy of the Aadhaar card stored in the Digi locker is also equally valid.
Q 4. What is a masked Aadhaar card?
Answer: Masked downloaded Aadhaaar card masked Aadhaar number. In masked downloaded Aadhaar card out of 12 digits, only the last 04 digits will be visible.
Q 5 . What is a Virtual ID Aadhaar Card?
Answer: Virtual ID Aadhaar card no. is a temporary number that is used in place of the actual Aadhaar number. These Numbers are revocable and by knowing the Virtual ID number, no one can derive a real Aadhaar number. Virtual ID Aadhar card can be used for KYC verification without showing real numbers.
Q 6. Is Aadhaar card valid for your whole life?
Answer: The answer to this question is yes if you enrolled into an Aadhaar card after 15 years of Age but in case you are the first time enrolled before the age of 05 years then you have to provide biometrics once you attain the age of 5 years.
Q 7. What is Biometric locking?
Answer: Biometric locking and unlocking service is where Aadhaar cardholders can lock or unlock temporarily their biometrics and in this case, Aadhaar card can not be used for biometric authentication ( Fingerprints and iris ). This feature is used for privacy concerns.
Q 8. How many types of Aadhar cards?
Answer: There are 04 types of Aadhaar cards

1. Aadhaar letter – Free of cost to those who are enrolled the first time
2. e-Aadhaar – It is an online downloaded Aadhaar car
3. mAadhaar – It is a digital form of aadhaar card that can be installed on the mobile device
4. PVC card – The latest form of the Aadhaar card, which is a plastic card, durable, easy to carry, and comes with many security features. if you don’t have it, Order a PVC Aadhaar card online. It can be ordered online even if your mobile is not registered.
Q 9: Why are Government services asking me Aadhaar card again and again?
Answer: Through the Aadhar card benefit of a government scheme reach real beneficiaries and the cost of identifying real beneficiaries is reduced considerably.
Q 10: Is there any age eligibility for getting an Aadhaar card?
Answer: There is no bar of any age to get an Aadhar card. It is available to any age of the person.
Q11. For i phone, What type of phone is more suitable for mobile application – mAadhaar
Answer: To run mAadhaar app in iPhone of the configuration of ios 10.0 and above is ok
Q12. Can I update or correct my residential address in my local language?
Answer. Yes, you can use Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu for this purpose.
Q13. what is TOTP in Aadhaar and why do some people advise it to use, instead of OTP.
Answer. TOTP is a time-based one-time password that can be generated on the screen of mobile if you have mAdhaar app and can be used instead of OTP. OTP is sent through SMS but getting SMS depends on internet services. some people prefer TOTP. Read more about it in this blog.
Q14. What is the Password of my Aadhar card?
Answer: To maintain your privacy, the Downloaded Aadhar card will not open until unless you put your Aadhar Password in it. The Password for your Aadhar card depends on your Name and Year of Birth. For Example, if your Name is RANBIR SINGH and your date of birth is 05.09.1993 then your password will be a combination of the first four letters of your name and the year of Birt. In this case, the Aadhar card password will be ” RANB1993 “.

11. How you can generate virtual ID Aadhaar card

Click below link


A new window or one-page form will be opened asking for some details to fill up.

Fill in your Aadhaar number, captcha code and click send OTP

verify OTP

You will get your virtual ID no. on your mobile SMS

12. How to print out Aadhaar card after it downloaded

After Downloading Your Aadhaar card, Now you can print it out.

As an E-Aadhaar card is downloaded as a password-protected PDF file, you have to put the password to open it.

Password for opening an Aadhaar card is a combination of an initial 4 letters of your name and then a year of birth of the aadhaar cardholder.

For example, if your name is Rakesh Kumar and your date of birth is 03.12.1998 then the password for open to aadhaar pdf file will be RAKE1998.

fill it in password space and print your aadhaar card. You can send this file to WhatsApp and to any email.

If you are not able to print your Aadhar card due to the non-availability of the Printer or any other problem. Send downloaded PDF files to another person who has a printer by email, WhatsApp, or any other means and take a printout after entering a password.

13. How to varify Aadhar Number

In case you want to verify whether someone gave you a genuine Aadhaar card or a fake one. With this method, you can check whether workers you deployed are having genuine Aadhar cards or not.

you can check it in the following steps.

Go to the following link


After clicking this link, you will see a new form opened, in this form you have to fill up a 12 digit aadhar number and captcha code.

Now Click proceed to verify

if Aadhaar card is genuine then you will see a new window opening and stating –

Number of Aadhaar card –

Age Band –

Gender –

State –

Mobile No. xxxxxx1234

This is very important for big organizations where they recruit thousands number of workers and many of the workers do not have a linked mobile phone.

14. How to Generate TOTP ( Time based one time password) and use it in place of OTP .

Due to internet connection speed and some other mobile-related reasons, Some people find some difficulties to receive OTP code which is sent by the Aadhaar card authority to verify Aadhar card download. Now there is one more option is available.

Instead of using OTP, you can use TOTP which can be generated on the screen of your mobile if you have downloaded a mAdhaar card on your mobile.

How to download mAadhar on mobile is already stated in this Blog and if you have not installed it on your mobile, then do it first and then come to this step.

The procedure to generate TOTP is following:

Click on mAdhaar on your mobile

Go to my Aadhaar

Enter your 4 digit PIN

Now click on Get TOTP

Now you will see TOTP, This will stay for 30 seconds.

After an interval of 30 seconds, the system will automatically generate a new TOTP. After the TOTP is generated, you have to use it within 30 seconds and you will not require SMS OTP.

15.NRI and Foreigners are also eligible to get an Aadhaar card.

It may surprise you that Non-Resident Indians and Foreigners of all nationalities are also eligible to get an Aadhaar card.

For them, there is only one condition that They should be living in India for more than 182 days in the immediate 12 months.

This means anyone who is living in India at least for 182 days in the last 360 days is eligible for getting and download an Aadhar card.

The procedure for getting and downloading an Aadhar card is similar for everyone.

This facility is provided to foreigners are also because legally Aadhaar is proof of Residence rather than proof of Citizenship.

So if you have any NRI relative or Forginer boyfriend or Girlfriend, go ahead with helping him/her getting the most important Indian Aadhaar card.

16. Interesting use of Aadhaar card

Aadhar card can be used for many interesting things which are even not related to its main objective.

As this is based on the biometric parameter, it is, therefore, can be used to find someone according to his her biometrics stored with government agency..

Let us understand by one interesting example.

Suppose you have gone to Kumbh Mela( Places of Big Gathering ) in prayagraj and anyhow your child is lost and you have no way to locate him.

Now suppose if your child is enrolled in aadhaar enrollment and his biometrics are stored in a database with Aadhar agency then with the technology his biometrics can be matched with the biometrics already stored in a government data bank.

Now, if the Police found him, they can take biometrics of the child and can easily find his name, father s name, and other details including address after matching his biometrics ( Fingerprints and iris) with already stored biometrics for Aadhaar card.

We can also think if Child trafficking can also be stopped or at least reduced by this method.

We see some children begging in our cities. To ascertain whether these children are victims of human trafficking, we can take biometrics of these children and try to match it with already stored biometric data with a government agency for Aadhar enrolment. Once we matched these biometrics and in case any one of the children is enrolled in Aadhar, we will know all the details regarding this child including his Name, Father s Name, and address.

Who knows Aadhar card numbers may be made mandatory for everyone before they post any post or video on the internet. This will definitely stop fake news and fake rumors on the internet.

17. Mobile self-services through SMS

Here I would like to clarify that if your mobile number is registered with an Aadhar card you can not only download an aadhar card easily but also do many self-services on mobile, in regards to Aadhar card.

(A) To get a virtual id number which you can use for Aadhar card download , you can send an SMS, writing the following:

Suppose your Aadhaar card number is 9612-2345-8769
Send SMS like:

 GVID 8769 and send it to 1947

(B) In case you lost your virtual id number, please send SMS in the following way:

Suppose your Aadhar card number is 2034-7896-3426

(C) If you want to receive OTP and your Aadhar no. is 3214-5674-9812 then

send SMS in this format:


Send this SMS to 1947 and you will get your OTP. in case you want to get OTP for using a virtual id number then in place of 4 digit aadhaar number you should put the last six digits of the virtual id number.

If you want to know How to get a virtual id, is already explained in this Blog.

(D) In case due to any reasons you want to lock your Aadhar then first you have to generate a virtual id number as explained above and then send 02 SMS as per the following SMS format:

Suppose your Aadhaar card number is 3421-4563-2312 then

First SMS – GETOTP 2312

send it to 1947

Now you will get 06 digit OTP and suppose OTP received by you is 653412 then your second SMS format will be like this:

Second SMS – LOCKUID 2312 653412

(E) If after locking your Aadhaar card, now you want to unlock it then again you have to send two SMS from your registered mobile:

First SMS

For this you must have a Virtual ID and suppose your aadhaar card virtual id is 4312-5643-0986-6547 then you have to send the first SMS in the following format:


and send it from registered mobile number to 1947.

Now you will get OTP and suppose your Aadhar card OTP is 567890 then you must send your SMS in the following format:

UNLOCKUID 866547 567890

and send it to 1947

(F) In case after downloading your Aadhaar card due to any reason whatsoever, you want to block biometric, you can do so by following way.

You have to send two SMS;

First SMS – Suppose your aadhaar number is 2314-4567-3209 then

send SMS as – GETOTP 3209 and send it to 1947

Now you will get your OTP. Suppose your OTP is 567890 then please send the second SMS in the following format:


and send it to 1947

( G) Now in case if you want to disable the biometric lock, you have to send again two SMS from your registered mobile in the following given format:

First SMS – Suppose your aadhar number is 5643-7896-4567 then

send SMS – GETOTP 4567

After sending the above message, you will get OTP in your registered mobile number, and suppose if it is 456723 then the second SMS should be sent like this:

send SMS – DISABLEBIOLOCK 4567 456723

and send it to 1947

18. Check your Aadhar card Authentication History to check whether your Aadhar card was ever misused for aadhar card download or any other Aadhar services.

The Aadhar Card authority UIDAI- makes every effort to make the Aadhar card process safe and secure and for this, it provides the facility by which you can check how many times and when your Aadhar card was authenticated.

For example, suppose you have downloaded your Aadhar card with the help of OTP and now you want to know if someone else has also done or misused this facility to download your Aadhar card you can now check it in few steps.

Even if you have any doubt on the integrity of aadhar authority or have doubt that your Mobile may be misused , you can check it in Aadhar card Authentication History

Let us Discuss how you can find Aadhar card Authentication History:

First of all, go to the following link and click it


Aadhaar card Authentication History

Now click on my Aadhaar

Next click on click on Aadhaar services

Next Click on Authentication History

Aadhaar card Authentication History

Fill in your Aadhaar Number and security captcha code. Click send OTP.

Aadhaar card Lock /Unlock

You will find OTP on your Mobile as an SMS

A new window will open with the new form. Fill it up.

Aadhaar card authentication history

For Authentication type – Click all. Put all other details like Start date, End date, and Numer of records. You can get a maximum of 50 records at a time.

Enter your OTP

You will get the following details:

After entering a One-time password ( OTP )

You will be provided with all the records of your authentication history.

Records of OTP are sent for Aadhar card download or any other Aadhar services, will also be shown in authentication history.

If you have done any authentication in thepast for your Aadhar will also be shown in these details.

 Aadhaar authentication history

So now, relax and bury your all worries about your Aadhar card safety and security.


In the year 1999, the then prime minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpai, emphasize the need for data-based documents for security purposes in the Kargil committee and from where the concept of the Aadhaar card comes into the existence.

In the year 2006, it got administrative approval for people who are living below the poverty line, and in 2009 nomination process started. Dr. Manmohan Singh the then Prime Minister of India in 2010, given the First Aadhar card to a lady resident of Maharastra.

In spite of many legal hurdles, the Aadhaar card has now become the most important identity card and there is probably no one in India who does not require it.

All the Government Schemes’ benefits are now provided through the Aadhaar card.

Due to biometric documents and easily verifiable online it gives us safety and security from any misunderstanding.

There are a lot of ways to download the Aadhaar card as I mentioned in this Article. As Technology keeps on evolving, we will find new ways of downloading and carrying Aadhaar card in the future.

The Unique identification authority of India ( UIDAI). is one of the Government agencies which issue Aadhaar cards and manage Aadhar card download and other Aadhar related services online as well as offline.

The main purpose of this blog is to educate people who want to download aadhaar card for themselves and for family & friends.

More than this, it will be more helpful if you help other people in the Aadhaar card download so that they can also take the benefit of Government-run welfare schemes.

we at myaadhaar.com will be very happy to see your suggestions, feedback, any healthy criticism & suggestion, and also new information regarding the Aadhaar card download.

You may also refer to my other blog on Aadhaar card –

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